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Glastonbury & Patmos twinned in perpetuity

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Monastery of Ioannis Theologou, Patmos

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Glastonbury Links

Glastonbury Tourist Information Centre

Glastonbury Town Council

Glastonbury Online

Glastonbury Abbey

The Church of St John the Baptist

St Benedict's Church

The Church of Our Lady of Glastonbury

St Margaret's Chapel (also known as the Magdalene Chapel)

Chalice Well

Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre

Glastonbury Tor

Patmos Links

Patmos Tourist Information

Municipal Council of Patmos

Patmos Web (Greek & English)

Patmos Times (Greek)

World Heritage Site - Patmos

The Monastery of Evangelist and Apostle John the Theologian

Theologos Monastery (Greek)

The Cave of the Apocalypse - (Sacred Grotto)

The Library