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St John's blessing - whole groupThe initial delegation travelled to Patmos from Glastonbury at the end of May 2008. The Glastonbury group was led by Zoé and she was accompanied by Councillor Bill Knight; Kay Strain; Barry, Rosemary and Iona Clive. The Chairman of Mendip District Council and Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury, Edward James, and his wife Jane James, were surely the stars of the visit – Edward’s family own Weary All Hill, and are therefore custodians of the Holy Thorn. Jane had brought with her three sprigs, still flowering from Easter, of this holy symbol: one for the Abbot of Patmos, one for the Mayor of Patmos and one for Father Martinianos. Edward presented the Mayor of Patmos with a copy of the Glastonbury Town Seal. Documents in Greek and English inviting the Patmos dignitaries to a formal Civic Ceremony in Glastonbury in September 2009 were duly signed and exchanged.